Our Commitment

The KBAG ethos places a special emphasis on environmental and ecological issues. The Group's efforts to preserve and regenerate the environment find expression in the slew of projects and programmes in has undertaken in and around its facilities and operations.

Improving the quality of life in the communities where we operate has always been an integral part of our business: promoting active lifestyles and well-being, minimizing our environmental impact, driving economic growth and more.

From our early years, we have promoted active living, sponsoring sports programs on a local basis and a global scale.

Our environmental commitment began long ago with water quality and waste reduction, and we continue to work to lessen our environmental footprint.

In the communities we serve, our presence means increased opportunities in terms of jobs, tax income and economic growth, as well as support for community programs.

These are just a few of the ways we strive to make life better for our customers, consumers and communities around the world.









KBA Group

Khwaja Bashir Ahmad Group is very proud of its 39-year history in this region. This long association has led us to see our role as not just that of a commercial operator in Pakistan but as a part of the community and society of which we are an integral part.

The Founder Khwaja Bashir Ahmad (late) has established this Group in 1969.

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