Flour Mills

Flour is the basic necessity of human being, In Pakistan, there is an ever-increasing requirement of flour and its by product.
To meet the demand of market by producing good quality flour, the group took an initiative. In April 1997, A unit of flour mill has established. The name of the unit is Ghareeb Nawaz flour mills. Now the capacity has been increased from 6 rollers bodies to 12 rollers bodies by fitting imported machines. Its product quality is good in the market.

For any query, You may contact as under:

Contact Person:
Khawaja Mehboob-Ur-Rahman

The Flour Mills work under the name of

Ghareeb Nawaz Flour Mills - Registered Firms & situated at
8-KM Shujabad Road, JalalPur Pirwala, District Multan (Punjab)








KBA Group

Khwaja Bashir Ahmad Group is very proud of its 39-year history in this region. This long association has led us to see our role as not just that of a commercial operator in Pakistan but as a part of the community and society of which we are an integral part.

The Founder Khwaja Bashir Ahmad (late) has established this Group in 1969.

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